Friday, July 24, 2009

Macro Shots of Flowers

. Friday, July 24, 2009

All of these photos were taken with a 10x macro 58mm lens. They were taken in low light with flash in AV mode. I took the photos when it was close to sunset so I needed to use my flash. I like how using the flash with a macro lens created a dark background but lighted up the flowers.

I played around with photo shop a bit. I used the magic wand and changed the hue of parts of the flower.

It was really difficult to capture photos of the ants. . .they kept moving around and I could not take a good macro shot of them. This was the best one I took.

I like this photo.

Okay this photo can be seen indescent depending where your mind is at! LOL!


Tracy.H said...

Great photos Maria. And the last one? I would not have said that...but now that you pointed it out? That is all I see!!! ;0)

de said...

Awesome shots. LOL on the last one! We may need ro rate your Blog X!