Monday, March 23, 2009

My First Depth of Field Shot Using the AV Mode

. Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm rather proud of myself. . .my first "depth of field" shot using the AV Mode. Taken at f/2.8, shutter speed 1/160 sec, ISO 1600 and 28 mm. I had taken this photo with my 28 - 70mm lens and had the darnest time taking a good shot because of the dim lighting of the restaurant and my lens inability to focus at close range.

I tried taking the photo in auto - macro and the flash kept popping up. I wanted to see if I could take a similar photo using macro but was unable to do so without the flash. I didn't want the flash because it would reflect on the glass.

Taken at f/3.5, shutter speed 1/160, focal length 42 mm and ISO 1600. This one was taken with a closer shot. Thanks De of Bella Luna Photo Inspirations for the tutorials . . .she's my partner in crime. . .well, as far as learning photography that is! LOL!

I think I could have taken a better shot if I had used my 18 - 55mm lens. I read that wide angle lens work best with depth of field shots. I don't know. . .I'll test it out tomorrow. I was at a restaurant and I had my lens in the car and didn't want to be switching while eating lunch at a restaurant. LOL!!

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Past Photos of Scenary Shots


This is a photo I had taken last May of my neighborhood. My husband had just bought me the camera for my Mother's Day Gift and just took a few random photos playing with my camera. I didn't upload the photo to my blog because I didn't think there was anything interesting about my photos. My husband recently told me to just upload photos and tell a little story about the photos that I've taken. It may not be significant to anyone else but it may be to me so I'll start posting photos here. . .just like I do with my cards on my card blog and sort of record my progression with my photography. Who knows. . .I may look back and see all the improvements I've made.

Considering I just got my camera and the photos were taken on auto focus. . .well the photos aren't bad. I think they are actually beautiful. This photo was taken at the winery in Temecula. It was in May so the vines were full of grapes.

Here's another shot of the winery last May. I love this photo and to think I took this photo was taken in full auto focus.

I took this shot last month in February. I was playing with my 70 - 300mm zoom lens that I received as a Christmas gift from my husband and I wanted to take a photo of the snow capped mountains. Temecula don't snow but the mountains in the distance are always covered with snow every winter. Just a great contrast between the green landscapes and the snow capped mountains in the background. This was taken at the winery near wear I live. See the difference between the previous photos. . .the grapes vines are bare but in a few months it'll be filled with grape vines and even grapes.

Just a close up of the grape vines. . .basically, there is none right now. Only the stakes that hold the vines are present. I'll take photos when the stakes are filled with grape vines and grape in a few months

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Just Photos I've Taken in the Last Week


This is a photo of my dog Dakota. He is a crazy nutty dog that will jump up and down for his treats. Because he's really greedy, he'll continue to jump this way just so his brother Phoenix can't get at the treat. I took this photo on auto - action mode. I took the following 2 other photos of Dakota in burst of shots so I could take photos of him jumping for his treat. He's really talented in that sense.

Fly Dakota fly!

This is a photo of Phoenix in auto - action mode. He was running back and forth and again, I took a burst of shots with him running. With this shot he was running - mid air. I love how it turned out!

Just a random shot of my husband and daughter sitting in the backyard playing game boy. LOL! Just their routine stuff they do every afternoon while the dogs play in the yard.

Not exactly the best scenery shot but I took this photo while I was at the top of a hill at a subdivision in my town. I live in Temecula. ..a city of a population of approximately 200,000 combined with a adjacent town called Murrieta. Temecula is primarily a suburban town mixed with ranches. Temecula is north of San Diego, just bordering the county line.

Here's another shot taken of Temecula, again taken at the top of Morgan Hill, a housing subdivision in town. I took the photo with a 70 - 300mm lens at full zoom

Just a photo of my daughter taken right after she got her hair done (hair cut and highlighted). Just a random shot.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Photos of the Day 03-14-09

. Sunday, March 15, 2009

I love this photo. . .it's the bud of a plant (the ones that look like grass). I shot it with 58mm macro lens and when I uploaded the photo. . it looked like a bug walking on a tight wire. LOL!

This is another macro shot of the plant. I like this macro shot. It shows the pretty details of the plant down to the fuzzy top.

This is another type of plant. . .again taken in macro.

My assignment was to take photos and show movement. . .sort of blurred and in slow shutter speed but I didn't do very well. I had forgotten how to set in slow shutter speed but it still shows some movement. It shows some parts blurred and others sharp so I'm satisfied with this photo. What do you think? Can you tell that the wind was blowing?

This is just a group shot at my daughter's Key Club bake sale at a bicycling racing event, an invent sponsored by the community

I really like this photo. . the picture is of a medic car for the bicyclist. Can you see the Key club in the background through the window?

This photo was taken in slow shutter speed (I think) but I accomplished what I had set out to do. I wanted to show movement by having the bicyclist blurred and the rest of the image sharp. I just wish that the image of the bicyclist weren't so blurred and there were some form to their image. They were racing right in from of me. . .they were actually moving really fast.

Here are the bicyclist taken as they rode in front of me. In this photo, again they were riding in fast speed but this was taken as a regular photo.

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