Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego

. Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gosh, I haven't posted any photos for such a long time but I have been taking photos. I've been indecisive on what to do with this blog. My focus initially was to post photos I've taken and really not much else but I've decided that in order for me to want to post regularly on this blog, I have to add to it a bit more.

I'm still debating on what I'll be adding to this blog. The focus will still be of photos I've taken but maybe elaborate more on the story behind the photos. I'd like to talk about my life living in California. For those who don't know me, I'm originally from Hawaii and moved to California 5 years ago. There's so many things that I need to do and see here California. . .it's such a big state compared to Hawaii. I think if I have a purpose or mission, such as taking photos of my town and other surrounding areas, I'll be more motivated to post on this blog. We'll see how things will progress.

In the mean time, a weeks ago, my daughter and I decided to drive up the coast of San Diego and visit the Old Point Loma Lighthouse located at the Cabrillo National Monument. My purpose of going there was to take photos of the ocean, the park, lighthouse as well as the sunset. Unfortunately, I arrived there too early in the afternoon to be able to wait for the sun to set. We decided to sit at the edge of a small cliff overlooking the ocean. It was beautiful. I did take more photos than what is posted here but I'll post them on another day.







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Friday, July 24, 2009

SCS Photo Challenge #40 "Up"

. Friday, July 24, 2009

I took these shots for the SCS Photo Challenge #40 "Up". The challenge is to take a photo by looking up. . .in the "up" perspective. My photo is of a palm tree.
This photo was taken with a higher f-stop in AV mode so the whole tree is in focus.

This photo was taken with a low f-stop in AV mode with the upper half of the palm tree in focus and the lower half blurred a bit.

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Water Fountain Photos


Just a water fountain at the mall. Nothing special about the fountain but I like how it looks in the photos.

This was taken with AV shot with low f-stop.

I lik adding color to my photos by changing the hue. Th color of the water is sort of dirty green in real life. . .kinda like pee color. LOL!

I took this photo in TV mode with a low shutter speed.

I was playing around with Photoshop. I added a bit of blue/aqua hue.

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Mural Perspective Shots


The mall where I live have a bunch of murals on the buildings and I thought they would make for great photos. They made for great perspective shots!

I like this shot. . .it looks like my daughter is standing in front of the barber shop.

I wanted to give the effect that my daughter was standing in front of a real store. I love the door area. . it's a painting but the depth makes it look like a real door.

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A Few Perspective Shop of the Mall


My Christmas wish list is a wide angle lens. I think the wide angle lens would have created better shots of these images. I used a 18mm - 55mm lens at 18 mm for most of these shots except for the close up shots.

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Macro Shots of Flowers


All of these photos were taken with a 10x macro 58mm lens. They were taken in low light with flash in AV mode. I took the photos when it was close to sunset so I needed to use my flash. I like how using the flash with a macro lens created a dark background but lighted up the flowers.

I played around with photo shop a bit. I used the magic wand and changed the hue of parts of the flower.

It was really difficult to capture photos of the ants. . .they kept moving around and I could not take a good macro shot of them. This was the best one I took.

I like this photo.

Okay this photo can be seen indescent depending where your mind is at! LOL!

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Monday, July 20, 2009

SCS Photo Challenge #28 - Fill The Frame

. Monday, July 20, 2009

To help me come up with photo ideas. . De of Bella Luna Photo Inspirations and I decided to play along in the weekly SCS Photo Challenges. For this week, we have a few challenges we decided to tackle. The first challenge that I decided to work is the SCS Photo Challenge #28 - Fill the Frame. The challenge is to take photos that fill up the photo frame with little white areas or space around the image.

I decided to stop by the wineries near wear I live and take pictures of grapes. LOL! Unfortunately, the lighting was terrible and I could not take nicely colored sharp photos. They sort of turned out softly focused for some reason. Maybe I'm just very critical of my photos because I want my photos to look like the "pros". Ugggh! Oh gawd . . .how I wish I was a good photographer but I have to remember that many of the spectacular photos were taken with expensive lenses and sometimes a bit of Photoshop.

I decided to add a bit of color by adjusting the hue on Photoshop. I also added the original unedited version so you can see each "Photoshoped" photos in their original state. It was fun adding the purple color to the photos.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Perspective Photo through cropping

. Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just playing with cropping my photos. I wanted to give the landscape below the illusion that it's a real bridge but I don't think I achieved that effect. The bridge is acutally a little bridge at the top of our backyard waterfall.

Do you see the bridge in the background? That's how little it is by comparison to the waterfall so in realty the bridge measures less than 5 feet in length and 2 feet high. With this photo. . .it actually gives the bridge a smaller appearance. In person it's actually looks larger than in the photo but at the angle I took the photo. . .the bridge looks farther away than it does in person.

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Friday, July 17, 2009


. Friday, July 17, 2009

Just a few photos I took of my daughter making different expressions.










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