Monday, July 20, 2009

SCS Photo Challenge #28 - Fill The Frame

. Monday, July 20, 2009

To help me come up with photo ideas. . De of Bella Luna Photo Inspirations and I decided to play along in the weekly SCS Photo Challenges. For this week, we have a few challenges we decided to tackle. The first challenge that I decided to work is the SCS Photo Challenge #28 - Fill the Frame. The challenge is to take photos that fill up the photo frame with little white areas or space around the image.

I decided to stop by the wineries near wear I live and take pictures of grapes. LOL! Unfortunately, the lighting was terrible and I could not take nicely colored sharp photos. They sort of turned out softly focused for some reason. Maybe I'm just very critical of my photos because I want my photos to look like the "pros". Ugggh! Oh gawd . . .how I wish I was a good photographer but I have to remember that many of the spectacular photos were taken with expensive lenses and sometimes a bit of Photoshop.

I decided to add a bit of color by adjusting the hue on Photoshop. I also added the original unedited version so you can see each "Photoshoped" photos in their original state. It was fun adding the purple color to the photos.


de said...

These are awesome shots and I love what you did in Photoshop! You go girl! I need to "hit the road" for the other challenges and get out of my back yard...