Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego

. Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gosh, I haven't posted any photos for such a long time but I have been taking photos. I've been indecisive on what to do with this blog. My focus initially was to post photos I've taken and really not much else but I've decided that in order for me to want to post regularly on this blog, I have to add to it a bit more.

I'm still debating on what I'll be adding to this blog. The focus will still be of photos I've taken but maybe elaborate more on the story behind the photos. I'd like to talk about my life living in California. For those who don't know me, I'm originally from Hawaii and moved to California 5 years ago. There's so many things that I need to do and see here California. . .it's such a big state compared to Hawaii. I think if I have a purpose or mission, such as taking photos of my town and other surrounding areas, I'll be more motivated to post on this blog. We'll see how things will progress.

In the mean time, a weeks ago, my daughter and I decided to drive up the coast of San Diego and visit the Old Point Loma Lighthouse located at the Cabrillo National Monument. My purpose of going there was to take photos of the ocean, the park, lighthouse as well as the sunset. Unfortunately, I arrived there too early in the afternoon to be able to wait for the sun to set. We decided to sit at the edge of a small cliff overlooking the ocean. It was beautiful. I did take more photos than what is posted here but I'll post them on another day.








Tracy.H said...

These are all so beautiful, Maria! It is so great that your daughter does not mind having her photo taken or posted here...she is so beautiful! :0)